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Mossy Creek Mushrooms ​Spring Weather Bulk Spawn Pack

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Spring Weather Bulk Spawn Pack ($100)

Welcome to the Mossy Creek Mushrooms Spring Weather Bulk Spawn Pack where you choose one of four custom-curated strains from our favorite seasonal options and get four identical 5 lb. grain spawn bags! This is a total of 20 lbs of grain spawn of ONE type!

Choose ONE strain, and get four of the ONE you choose:

  • Pink Oyster
The Pink Oyster is fantastic for grabbing attention. Reminiscent of flowers, this vibrant pink mushroom looks lovely growing on a countertop or in a grow room. Not only is it gorgeous, but it also has a taste often compared to bacon. The bright pink turns brown when cooked, however, the taste makes the loss of color completely worth it. If not cooked completely, it tastes quite bitter. For this reason, you should always make sure it is cooked completely.
  • Lion’s Beard Hericium

The Lion’s Beard is a Hericium related to the Lion’s Mane. It is similar in many ways.

  • ELM Z Oyster MCM Original

Elm-Z is a delicious oyster mushroom. It grows wonderfully in the warmer weather and prefers warm temperatures. This beautiful fleshy white oyster mushroom is a fast grower that gives a good yield of produce. This Elm-Z oyster mushroom is a liquid culture syringe ready to use the day you receive it!

  • Deep Blue Sea MCM Original
As the alchemists of old dreamed of turning lead into gold, so too do we labor tirelessly in our crossbreeding to create and bring forth the most worthy of strains. And lo and behold, our very own Jackie Crawford, once a humble employee, now stands as the mastermind behind this incredible creation! Deep Blue Sea was born from the melding of our very own Mother of Pearl and Rocky Top Oyster strains in a cauldron of science and sawdust.
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