10 Reasons to get into the mushroom growing business:

  1. They are in demand
  2. Offer a proven niche
  3. Can demand high prices for great mushrooms
  4. Are great for the environment
  5. They can be grown almost anywhere
  6. The startup cost can be very low.
  7. You can get started for less than $1000
  8. Marketing can be done cheaply and scale and grow with your new business
  9. You can use Social Media Marketing to market fast
  10. The Mushroom Growing Business rewards locally grown suppliers

Benefits of mushrooms:

  1. Mushrooms are healthy – Most varieties are high in vitamin D and contain main other powerful nutrients.
  2. Mushrooms are being studied for cancer research – Recent studies have started into the possible links between mushroom consumption and lower risks for certain cancers.
  3. Mushrooms can boost other plant growth – Since mushrooms produce carbon dioxide as they grow, they are being used to boost the growth of other plants in green houses around the world.
  4. They offer a higher dollar value per pound than most other vegetables that can be grown in microfarms.
  5. Are great to be grown on rack systems – Saving space and getting the most out of your available space. Rack systems allow some small growers to earn a substantial income from a single grow room.