Production Equipment

Thor Baggers

Efficiency Meets Innovation
Mushroom farming just got a whole lot easier with our Thor Baggers. Designed to streamline the bagging process, these baggers are the epitome of efficiency. They significantly increase productivity by automating one of the most labor-intensive tasks in mushroom farming. With Thor Baggers, expect a noticeable reduction in labor costs and a boost in your farm’s output.

Thor Vacuum

The Power of Precision Movement
The Thor Vacuum is not about shop or farm clean up. Instead it is about the functional, fast movement of material. Saving you hours of back breaking labor. No more will making grow bags or batches feel like sweating to the oldies.

You can move hundreds of pounds of material with the simple push of a button. The vacuum system is a true work game changer.

Thor Shaker

Optimal Substrate Preparation
The Thor Shaker is a game-changer in preparing your substrate. Its advanced technology ensures a consistent and even mix, which is crucial for successful mushroom growth. By automating this process, the Thor Shaker not only saves time but also guarantees a level of precision that manual mixing can’t achieve. This means better substrate quality, leading to healthier, more abundant mushroom crops.

Thor Cracker

Revolutionizing Mushroom Preperation
Breaking up substrait and grain bags can be hard work. Some manually knock their material to loosen it by hand. Creative farmers use tires, or other items to knock their grain or substrates against to loosen up their material. 

Instead of doing this let the Thor Cracker make that hard work go away. For a low one time cost you can get this ultimate tool.