Mushroom Lab

Welcome to our mushroom lab. Here, we help you find the gear and supplies you need to build and expand your own mushroom farm labs. Regardless of which gourmet variety of mushrooms you grow or plan to grow, a mushroom grow lab is critical to your success.

A great mushroom lab provides the tools and equipment to assure the best possible combination of a controlled environment to prevent contamination and proper sterilization tools.

Flow Hoods

A flow hood controls the air within a designated or defined space. This creates uniform airflow in both velocity and direction. The goal of this air flow control is to prevent contamination.

Clean benches are often designed by mushroom farmers as a place they can inoculate blocks grain spawn, work with liquid cultures, and prepare agar plates. These are laboratory level enclosures designed to carefully direct HEPA filtered air. Some of these hoods protect items placed on the work surface from contamination. These can also be helpful in preventing workers from being exposed to spores and contamination themselves.

Use of flow hoods became popular in the 1960s and began being used in gourmet mushroom production many years ago.

Sterilization Equipment

Whether your farm uses pressure cookers, All American Sterilizers, or Mushroom Autoclaves often depends on your budget and the size of your current farm. Each tool has its own applied use. Pressure Cookers are decidedly entry level since they can not sterilize as fast, or as much grain spawn. The All American Sterilizers are a professional grade unit that is available in much larger sizes and has a safer design. Finally, you have Mushroom Autoclaves, which are true professional grade equipment used in labs all over the world. Both in scientific study, medical research, and recently in Mushroom Farming.


Unicorn Mushroom Grow Bags

These are the industry leader and standard. The grow bags are used by mushroom farmers for both their grain spawn, and for grow blocks. At, we are proud to carry this top brand and offer the lowest prices on bulk orders.

We purchase in massive quantity orders at a discount, then pass those savings along to you. At we have the shipping and logistics experience to save you on the cost of shipping bulk orders of bags. When combined with our volume buying, we can provide the lowest price for true Unicorn grow bags online or off. We even save customers over ordering direct. Another benefit is that we ship faster too.

We also offer other tools to help you scale and grow your mushroom business. One of those is Thor, the ultimate mushroom bagger. This handy tool speeds up the creation of grow blocks and grain spawn bags. Reducing production time and labor.

Stay tuned as we are working with our vendors to provide more helpful mushroom farming tools and equipment for dedicated growers.

Mushroom Lab