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Soy Hull Pellets

As a Mushroom Grower sometimes the hardest thing is finding your ideal substrate or ingredients for your growth medium locally.
If you use the masters mix fifty percent hardwood sawdust and fifty percent soy hulls you know. In several areas around our Nation it was hard to get your hands on soy hulls at an affordable price.
Now there is a solution to that problem. Thanks to Mushroom Media Online you can now source your Soy Hulls and other must have substrate items directly. We even offer a fast fruiting mix that are pellets that are measured as a 50/50 blend of soy hulls and oak hardwood.
This means no matter where you live you can now put the master’s mix into use to get the best results, and the massive yields from your grow operation.
If you choose the Fast Fruiting Mix you also save on time and labor that you would normally spend measuring, and mixing your substrate.
So what are the benefits of working with Mushroom Media Online as your trusted supplier?
  • Consistent Pricing and supply – we do all we can to control costs, save you on shipping and make your supply uninterpreted so you can keep growing.
  • You can choose the soy hull pellets, or the prepared fast fruiting or masters mix.
  • You can order by the bag or by the pallet. We can supply up to several tons of your ideal substrate and deliver fast to the greater 48.
  • Price – Often we save our growers hundreds of dollars on bulk orders. This is because we take the time to find the best shipping rates something the competition does not do.
So if you are ready for the best soy hull pellets at a honest price call or submit your quote request online today.

How to prepare your sawdust grow bags

These three videos provide some sound information on preparing your own mushroom grow bags using sawdust as your substrate.

These and many more videos can be seen at

Sterilization is one of the steps that make you successful as a grower do not skip this step, and make sure you allow the time needed for proper sterilization.

Spawning with your sawdust blocks.