Do you need bulk substrate ingredients?

If you need bulk ingredients we can help.

Too often we hear from our customers that they are having trouble finding a reliable source for mushroom substrate ingredients in bulk. When you need a ton or more of Soy Hulls, or Oak Pellets we can help.

Yes, also offers smaller quantity orders but we also specialize in larger orders for growing farms. If you need to scale your operation and want to deal with logistics experts, we are here.

The secret to our business is simple.

The owner of has a great deal of experience shipping pallets of goods. As a successful online marketplace owner for many years, Seth has shipped thousands of pallet-sized orders all over the country.

Many of our clients have purchased from us before we were even supplying the mushroom industry. Seth also owns and for well over a decade has been shipping pallets of pellets all over the United States.

His experience means that he works hard to price every shipment to a customer at least 3 different ways to save you money. When you are dealing with 1 ton or more you need a logistics expert on your side. Sure, other companies can ship to you but that shipping can be $500 or more from some suppliers.

Do not waste your money dealing with companies that do not even look at more than one shipping option. They are so used to not having competition that they do not even try to save you money.

Get a free quote online today or give us a call. Let’s see if we can save you money and time. 


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