Make your own Masters Mix

For amazing results growing Oyster Mushrooms, Lion’s Mane, and other varieties growers trust the masters mix. Now with MushroomMediaOnline’s own fast fruiting mix you can make your own masters mix without all the time and effort.

Just follow the simple measuring of the Fast Fruiting Pellets then add water and mix well. You can then sterlize your own fast fruiting mix or masters mix as normal at 15 PSI for 2.5 hours.

The Fast Fruiting Mix (AKA Masters Mix) provides pellets that are 50% oak hardwood and 50% soy hulls in pellet form. These pellets are produced as a single pellet that has the 50-50 mix. This means you never have to worry about measuring the individual ingredients out, or getting too much of one ingredient over the other.

You do not want to purchase a premixed bag of ingredients, that are loose. There is no way when they are not in pellet form that the percentages remain accurate when shipped. That is why we spend the time to make these custom pellets.

Comes in 10 or 20 Pound Bags. Save on price per unit by ordering 40 pounds or more at a time. Maximum shipped in a single box is 40 pounds (2 x 20# bags). Save a bit more when you order 80 pounds, and save the most when ordering 120 pounds or more. These ship via Fedex Ground from our warehouse directly to the address your provide.

During shipping some pellets may break down a bit and be dustier than other varieties of pellets, but this just makes their use easier with a faster breakdown on your end.

For more helpful information on using the fast fruiting mix you can visit this page.

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Why use the Fast Fruiting Mix?

  • Higher Yields 100% 100%
  • Lower Labor Time 30% 30%
  • Better Looking & Tasting Mushrooms 100% 100%
Why use the Fast Fruiting Mix?

With the Fast Fruiting Mix (AKA Masters Mix) you save labor time in your production of your grow bags. Measure the pellets, add the water and mix well. That is all that is required for success.

Are your pellets premixed?

Our pellets are better than premixed that are made to have 50% hardwood and 50% soy hulls from the start. Our Amish manufacturer makes these custom pellets from scratch. We provide the oak hardwood sawdust, and the soy hulls. They measure those and make them into the Fast Fruiting Mix pellets.

By creating our pellets this way we assure your get a finished product that is premeasured correctly for the masters mix.

How much more productive is the Fast Fruiting Mix?

The increased yield and health varies based on the strain used and your environmental factors. Many growers have reported much larger flushes not only on the first fruiting phase, but in the next two as well.

You should test the mix for yourself in your own farm. 

What sizes are available?

We offer by the bag or by the pallet. This way you can try the Fast Fruiting Mix for yourself. Then when you know it is right for your farm you can purchase in bulk and save even more money.

Purchase on an as needed basis or set up a standing order to automate the process.

How much do you need for your farm?

Doing a very basic calculation you can determine how many pounds you should order. If you use 5lbs substrate bags once mixed you can use the calculator on the left to determine how many pounds of Fast Fruiting Mix you should order.

If you use larger fruiting bags you can use the calculation for the 5lbs bags as a guide. In example if you use 10lb bags just double the result.