Why Hardwood in your mushroom substrate?

The reason for Harwood Pellets as your substrate base.

The reason that our 100% hardwood pellets are ideal for your mushroom growth is that it makes your substrate the Worlds best.

In nature, mushrooms grow best on the dead portions of logs that have already started to break down. They are from hardwood trees but are softer and lose as the tree has decade over time.

With our hardwood pellets, you can add water and make a perfect sawdust substrate. You can even add nutrients from soybean hulls, wheat bran, or other natural sources to our ideal growth mix.

Check out our how to grow mushroom guide for a simple way to try out the ideal mushroom substrate using our amazing hardwood pellets.


Want to use Shiitake mushrooms

in the kitchen?

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Watch this time-lapse video of

Shiitake Mushrooms growing.

What Customers Are Saying

“The best hardwood media that is easy to use, commercial grade, and less expensive, sign me up!”

“The best thing about this medium is that it is real hardwood sawdust, but in easy to use bags that make setting up your growing area simple and easy. It also is less expensive and higher quality than anything I have used before.”



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