Thor Substrate Bagger

Finally, an affordable and strong substrate bagger. Until now the only options were industrial products that were metal, and very expensive. Now thanks to creative and talented minds you have the substrate bagging system made for growers by growers.

You can get your bagging done in a fraction of the time and with much less labor (about 6 seconds per bag for both solids and water). If you have a growing mushroom farm you know how much time is spent filling your grow bags with your ideal substrate mix. Now with this model lovingly referred to as Thor, even the growing farmer can scale their operation affordably. Thor has 2 separate hoppers to allow you to control the substrate you make.

$2,500 plus delivery for this amazing time-saving tool. This will fit through standard doorways, and ship on a single pallet.

This is the newest, fully-adjustable bagger that allows you to make anywhere between 5# and 12.5# blocks.

This short video shows Thor in action. More videos, photos, and content to follow for sure.

Great new Mod kit. Check out this video of the Mod kit installation. 

Details for your Thor shipment:

Approximate bagger dimensions: 47in wide 33.5in deep 60in tall. The control panel and water system can be removed to fit the unit through a 32 inch door.

Thor only weighs about 150 pounds. So, once on the casters you will love how easy it is to move around.

Shipping pallet: 62in tall, 40in wide, 48in deep, and approx 250lbs. Thor is shipped without casters installed.
It is banded to a pallet with a partial crate built on top, and can be unloaded by hand from the back of a pickup truck by 2 people if picked up. Commercial Truck delivery requires Forklift, Loading Dock, or Liftgate for delivery.

Thor is a mushroom farmer’s best friend. He’s kind of a brute and a little messy, but unlike all the other baggers in the mushroom world, he cares about you and still does the work of a small army.

I designed this guy to easily fit inside a residential door, so Thor is perfect for basement growers. I remember where we came from, and want to make sure the small grower isn’t neglected. Because of this, Thor was designed to be:

-Short – I put a lot of thought into lowering the top of the hoppers to make loading easy.

-Affordable – He’s not fancy and metal. He’s not a bragging piece. He just gets the job done.

-Fast – can produce a bag every six seconds or so.

-Flexible – Designed for Master’s Mix of 100% Oak (or hardwood fuel pellets) and Soy Hull Pellets, the unit can be adjusted to accommodate pellets of different densities. Don’t expect to run wheat bran or any unpelletized inputs, though. Thor can be a picky eater.

Thor’s flexibility lets you produce 5# – 12.5# fruiting bags, using a 50-50 mix of Wood Pellets (or Straw Pellets) and Soy Hull Pellets at 60% hydration. You can use Unicorn Bag  sizes 14A or XLS-A bags. This unit requires a small air compressor (not included) and a standard water hose connection.

The latest version even includes casters to easily move around your space.


Ben from Man-O-War Innovations


Great Thor Bagger review

from our great client Vincent Cuneo at Agrarian Feast LLC in New York for making this video review with his thoughts.

Thor Mushroom Bagger
Thor Substrate Bagger
Mushroom Substrate Bagger

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