Mushroom Farm Equipment

Mushroom Media Online is your ultimate destination for all the tools and equipment essential for mushroom farming. Whether you’re just embarking on your mushroom growing journey or looking to scale up your existing farm, our comprehensive range of equipment is tailored to meet all your needs.

For those new to mushroom farming, we offer simple pressure canners, perfect for beginners. As you progress and seek more advanced options, our selection includes professional All American Canners and Sterilizers, renowned for their reliability and efficiency. These tools are essential for sterilizing your substrates and grains, ensuring a clean and contamination-free environment for your mushrooms to thrive.

We take pride in catering to full-scale professional farms with our top-of-the-line Autoclaves. These robust machines are designed for large-scale operations, providing the efficiency and reliability required for commercial mushroom cultivation.

For growers utilizing standard non-electric canners, we also provide Hot Plates. These are ideal for maintaining the necessary temperatures during the sterilization process, ensuring optimal conditions for your farming needs.

At Mushroom Media Online, we are the exclusive authorized distributor of the Thor series of equipment, including the Thor Baggers, Thor Vacuum, Thor Shaker, and Thor Cracker. This line is specifically designed for growing farms that aim to reduce labor costs and increase efficiency. The Thor equipment streamlines various farming processes, making your operation more productive and cost-effective.

Additionally, we carry the FloCube line of flow hoods. These are crucial for maintaining a sterile environment in your lab or growing area, preventing contamination and ensuring the health of your mushroom cultures.

Excitingly, we are soon to offer special grower bundles, which will include grow tents along with all the necessary equipment to either start your mushroom farming journey or to enhance your existing operations at scale. These bundles are thoughtfully curated to provide everything you need in one convenient package.

At Mushroom Media Online, we are committed to providing you with high-quality, reliable tools and equipment to help you grow and scale your mushroom farm efficiently. Trust us to be your partner in mushroom cultivation, offering solutions that cater to every stage of your farming journey.