Mushroom Media Online

BBQPelletsOnline.com is the largest independent BBQ Pellet seller (Primarily Lumber Jack pellets) in North America. Every once in awhile, Seth would be contacted about 100% Oak pellets and sometimes discover that customers were really looking for Oak pellets for mushroom growing. Lumber Jack had been making a lower cost 100% Oak mushroom substrate pellet for a few years and so we were able to switch farmers over to the lower cost substrate. In the summer of 2019, Lumber Jack discontinued their substrate pellets to focus on higher-margin BBQ pellets and handed their customers to BBQPelletsOnline.

What came next..

MushroomMediaOnline.com was established as an off-shoot of BBQPelletsOnline.com to focus on the mushroom grower market. We found an Amish manufacturer to exclusively make 100% Oak substrate pellets and guarantee they didn’t add any petroleum lubricants (as most pellet manufacturers do). Once existing customers were taken care of, we moved on to offering Soy Hull Pellets, custom manufactured fast-fruiting pellets (50% Oak fiber and 50% Soy Hull fiber blended into a single pellet), Organic products, then Unicorn Bags, Wheat Bran, Grains, House of Hydro humidification equipment, and All American Pressure Canners/Sterilizers, with more to come.
We are not growers and never pretend to be. We do one thing and we do it well. We source quality products at great prices and ship them out to our customers just like we have been doing for a decade with BBQ products. We take care of the logistics so our customers don’t have to.
Ultimately, it all comes down to relationships and success. If we develop relationships with our customers and can help them be successful, we’ll be successful.
Feel free to call and we can work on adding you to our list of customers.