Presto 09985 Pressure Cooker Sealing Ring - Replacement

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The sealing ring fits around the inside rim of the cover and forms a pressure-tight seal between the cover and the body of the pressure canner during canning and cooking.

1. Remove the old sealing ring and the overpressure plug. (The overpressure plug is under the handle on some models.) CAUTION: To insure safe operation and satisfactory performance from your pressure cooker, replace the automatic air vent every time you replace the sealing ring, or sooner if it becomes hard or inflexible.
2. Clean the sealing ring groove and the air vent opening thoroughly. Be sure they are free of all food particles and foreign material.
3. Wash the new sealing ring in warm soapy water, rinse and dry. Install the sealing ring by working it into the cover a small section at a time until it is fully in place. Any excess amount of sealing ring can be worked into the cover in this manner.
4. If necessary, to help make the cover easier to open and close, a very light coating of cooking oil may be applied to the underside of the body lugs and sealing ring.
5. To install the overpressure plug. Push the round side of the rubber plug (marked TOP) into the opening from the underside of the cover.
6. When putting the cover on the body, press one hand down on the area opposite the handle. This will help compress the sealing ring and make the cover easy to lock in place. Then, open and close the cover several times to make it operate more freely.
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