The 4 Essential Ingredients of a Killer Brand


There are countless books and courses available online that describe what feels like an exhaustive process when creating a unique and memorable brand.  It can get overwhelming and outright frustrating when you’re just getting a business off the ground while trying to come up with a unique brand that will stand out.


The truth is, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. In fact, building an outstanding brand comes down to just 4 main components:

1:  A Focused Mission Statement
The strength of your brand begins with a very specific and purposeful mission statement.  This is the promise you make to your market, and it defines who you are and what you have to offer.

The easiest way to create a powerful mission statement is to think of your business from your customers’ perspective.


Think about what motivates them to purchase products and how your business could persuade them so they feel that you’re a credible and valuable partner in helping them achieve their goals.


A mission statement sets the tone for your entire brand story. It helps connect your products and services with your target audience by explaining exactly why they should purchase from you, instead of your competitor.

If you struggle to create a mission statement for your brand, take a step back and look at your business through the eyes of your average customer.  Begin by outlining what you bring to the table and what you have to offer that sets you apart.


This doesn’t mean you should include products or services in your mission statement; you definitely shouldn’t.  It simply means that you should be able to describe everything that encompasses your business using action-based words that build trust with your market.

Think of the value you bring to your market.


How does your business provide a solution to a common problem in your market?  How are you planning to stand out?

Your mission statement shouldn’t be generic.  It should apply specifically to your business and not some jargon that could be attached to countless other businesses.


2:  A Well-Designed Website
Whether you plan to sell products or services on your own, or through third-party services like Ebay, Shopify or Etsy, you absolutely need to create a website of your own. Your website is the home of your brand.  It’s where you invite people so that they can get to know you, your business and ultimately, where you serve them.


It’s never a good idea to rely on third-party services if you value having control over your business. I’ve seen countless online merchants overlook the importance of having their own website.


What if they suddenly lose their Etsy, YouTube or EBay account? What if something happens that costs them the only online presence they have?


Creating your own website puts you in full control of your brand and it’s a vital component in your long-term success.

That doesn’t mean your website needs to be elaborate.  It just needs to be functional and serve as a home base for your brand. You can work on growing it as you continue to build your business.


If you need help with a mushroom website for your business we can create one for you for just $199 for a dynamic 5-page website. t doesn’t have to be a difficult or time-consuming process. You set up the Webhosting and point the domain and we do the rest.

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3:  A Mailing List
It’s important to begin growing your mailing list immediately.  Do not put this off!


This is where your website comes into play. You should include a landing page with an opt-in form that connects visitors with your mailing list so that you can begin to grow your tribe.  That way you’re able to easily reach out to your customer base and build valuable relationships with your audience.


Growing a list of subscribers who are actively interested in your niche is the easiest way to catapult your business to the next level.  There is also no other marketing strategy that comes close to the effectiveness of a targeted mailing list, nor one as affordable.


You can get started with just a landing page that features an opt-in form and a mailing list account through services like


4:  Choose a Differentiator
The single most important thing that will set your brand apart from any other is by having a very clear differentiator as part of your identity.

Here’s a simple example of how a differentiator can be responsible for a brand’s success, even in competitive markets where there are few ways to stand out.

A friend of mine writes romance. She publishes her stories on Amazon in what is a rather crowded market.  There are thousands of romance books published every week yet she manages to generate over $15,000 a month in book sales.


The interesting thing is that her writing is no better than the majority of other books being published.  She’s also focused on mainstream romance niches rather than sub-genres.

So how does she manage to stand out and attract thousands of readers every month who have so many options to choose from


Her brand is based around having the hottest book covers on the market. Despite her books being in an overly competitive market, her covers speak to potential readers and persuade them to one-click.

That’s what her entire brand is based on.  Having higher quality covers than the competition and staying up to date on the types of images that her audience best responds to.

She connects that with a slogan that identifies the type of books she produces.  The tagline encompasses popular keywords that clearly define her brand: “Curvy Girls and Alpha Men”.  It’s simple but it’s based on what she knows her readers want from a romance book.

Your brand needs a differentiator. Whether it’s in the style of your website, the voice used throughout your content, or the quality of your graphics – your brand needs to offer something better than the competition.  If all things are equal there’s no reason for someone to choose you over another offer, right?  So, give them a reason to go to you.