All American Group Buys

Delivery Time 30-90 days due to backorder.

All American Sterilizers

We now offer group buys that allow you to preorder an All American Pressure Canner with just a $25 deposit.

Right now, the All Americans are on backorder. Some sellers are charging hundreds more for these great pressure cookers and sterilizers.

In an effort to help we are offering to preorder one of the available models for you for only a $25 deposit. Once received we will add your request to the next pallet order we submit. At this time there is a several month backlog, and they are only selling to select customers and by the pallet or larger sized orders.

We are ordering several pallets at a time. Then when they come in holding them for only customers from our website. We want you our mushroom customers to get these first.


We have decided to help customers preorder at the low retail price together for a group buy. This means for a $25 deposit you can order an All American through us. You will get your chosen size sooner, and at a lower price.

You will save hundreds over what the competition is selling these for and get yours as soon as they come in. Likely 120 days for the backorder.


Get in on this amazing group buy today.

*Also we have Unicorn Bags in stock visit the website today to see the sizes available. Our price is still the best shipped to your door.