Common Mushroom Abbreviations 

Organic Soy Hulls

AQ- aqueous (water-based)

BE- Biological Efficiency

BRF- Brown Rice Flour

BT- Bacillus thuringiensis, (i.e. Gnatrol) kills fungus gnats and other pests

contam = contamination

D&R- Dunk & Roll

DDI- Double distilled De-Ionized water DE- Diatomaceous Earth

dH2O- distilled H2O (water)

DI- De-Ionized water

DT- Double Tub

FAE- Fresh Air Exchange

FC- Fruiting Chamber

FH- Flow Hood

FOAF- Friend Of A Friend

FSR- Free Spore Ring

G2G- Grain to Grain [transfer]

GB- Glove Box

H2O2- Hydrogen Peroxide (3% is the standard available concentration)

HEPA- High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor

Hpoo- Horse Dung

INC- Incubator

INNOC- inoculate

K.I.S.S.- Keep It Simple Stupid

LECA- Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate

LC Liquid Culture

MS- Selfinfliction’s obsession

MS- Multi-Spore

MSI- Multi-Spore Inoculation

MT- Mono Tub

MYC- Mycelium

MYG- Mega You Grow

MYC PISS- mycelium piss, the metabolic byproducts of mycelial respiration

NOC- inoculate NOCK- inoculate

PC- Pressure Cooker

PDA- Potato Dextrose Agar

PF- Psilocybe Fanaticus

POO- Poop/Manure

RH- Relative Humidity

SUB- Substrate

TEK- Technique

TiT- Tub In Tub(Tote In Tote)

Verm- Vermiculite

WBS- Wild Birdseeds.