Contest Entry


This contest is open for event attendees only. We will have other online contests at a later date.

A prize to be awarded each day of the conference, with the flow hood to be awarded on the final day.

Only one entry is required to register for all 3 of the event prizes.

Please provide accurate information because this is how we will contact the winners.

We will attempt to call the winner first, then text if we can’t reach you. Those that do not respond in a timely manner may have their winning drawing replaced, since this is a live event.  We will attempt to call the winner and email the same day of the drawing.

There is no cost to enter, and we will not sell your contact information.

Pickup of 1 All American and 1 Lab Rats Nomad Flow hood will be available to pickup Sunday end of day. 1 All American will be mailed to winner.
Seen by Seth Fischer at 9:37 AM