Fast Fruiting Mix

Stop trusting your old methods of growing mushrooms.

Test new methods, resources, and work towards continuous improvement all the time.


The old saying is very true “If you continue to do what you have already done and you expect a different result. It is crazy!”


One thing you should be testing, again and again, is your substrate and your ideal growing medium.


You do not think Colonel Sanders discovered his secret recipe the first time he cooked chicken, do you?


Sure you do not. So do not stop working with your substrates and processes until you have truly dialed it in.



Our customers report great growth using our high-quality substrates.

We have customers reporting to us that Mushroom Media Online’s substrate ingredients have increased their yields.


Some customers are saying they now get three times the amount of mushrooms from each flush they grow. Yes, when you buy the best supplies and tools, you may pay a little more.


Do you think that stops the master winemaker from getting the best grapevines?


Or that it makes them cut corners on their natural fertilizers?


You bet your butt it does not.

In fact, anywhere in the gourmet food world, you do not find the best people in the industry cutting corners. Instead, you see the most successful people working towards perfection and a reliable product. They seek out suppliers that can offer them a high-quality product and a continuous supply.


We offer the finest oak hardwood pellets and soy hull pellets in the industry. For the grower that wants more, we even offer our own in-house masters mix we call the Fast Fruiting Mix. These pellets are already that ideal 50-50 mix of soy hulls to oak made into single pellets.


The results from our customers prove that these are the best substrates on the market today. Listen, if you can find great mushroom substrates in your area, that is great news. If not, we can provide you with a reliable supply that is quality controlled.


You never have to worry about cheap grade substrates with our company. Some companies use waste wood. They may even be ground up old wood pallets. That is great for recycling until you think about all the chemicals that may have spilled on shipping pallets.


Our pellets are sourced from our single Amish producer using old world methods that still work great today. These include making the pellets without any artificial added oils or ingredients.


Look, your customers will be paying you not only for how good your mushrooms look but also how good they taste. That means the nutrients that grow into them matter as much as the environment you grow them in.


Take a look at our many mushroom substrates and tools on our website now to see how we can help you.