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Paddy Poo™ – the ultimate solution for growing mushrooms like a pro! Our compost-based substrate mix is carefully crafted to provide your mushrooms with the perfect balance of nutrients and conditions they need to thrive.

Paddy Poo™ is the result of years of research and development, and we are proud to say that it has become a favorite among mushroom growers worldwide. Our substrate mix is made from premium compost, coco coir, vermiculite, gypsum, and lime – all of which have been carefully chosen to provide the ideal environment for compost-loving mushroom varieties.

Our substrate mix is rapidly colonizing, which means you can expect increased yields in no time. Whether you are a seasoned mushroom grower or a newbie, Paddy Poo™ is incredibly easy to use. Simply open the sterilized XLS-T bags and start growing your mushrooms!

One of the great things about Paddy Poo™ is that it is incredibly versatile. Whether you are growing oyster, shiitake, or any other type of mushroom, our substrate mix is perfect for you. It is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, so you can grow mushrooms all year round.

Stick-On Injection Ports for Mushroom Grow Bags or Jar Lids 18 MM : - 5 to 1000 Units

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Product Details

These self-healing injection ports can be applied to jar lids or tissue culture containers so you can inject matter while protecting your media from contaminant spores and bacteria.

  • Self-healing material
  • Manufactured with strong 3M adhesive
  • Time-saving lightning-fast application
  • Waterproof
  • Fully autoclavable, high-temperature resistance
  • 18 MM diameter
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