Soft Red Wheat Berries

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Wheat Berries are often used in mushroom production. They are similar to rye berries and can be prepared with the exact method used with rye.

The wheat berry is the entire edible part of the wheat kernels including the germ, bran, and endosperm. Since there is not an outer shell you can eat the entire berry. Given that the whole kernel is left intact they retain all of their dense nutrient value. They are high in fiber, iron, and protein.

These soft red winter wheat berries cook up quickly. Their slightly sweet, nutty flavor and al-dente texture works well in savory meat and vegetable dishes and grain bowls, as well as in desserts and breakfast dishes. Wheat berries are the whole, complete grain, so they provide you with the maximum fiber, protein, essential oils, B vitamins, and other nutrients.

You can use these in your diet in or on, Salads, soups, breads, mixed with oatmeal, and so many more popular uses.

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