House of Hydro Mist Makers

You asked for them so we have made an agreement with House of Hydro to offer these to all of our Mushroom growers.

While you are here watch one of the videos to see these quality mist units in action!

The video on the right shows the amazing 12 disk unit in action, this thing is a beast.

3 Disc Mist Maker Starter Kit - House of Hydro

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This is for a full starter kit. Float, extra discs, transformer and transducer are included. Order ships in two separate packages.


Our newest generation Mist Maker without any leaky LED's to cause algae and premature failure! Zero, zip, zilch, not even a power indicator light. They caused failures, so we did away with them.

The House of Hydro's powerful 3 head Head Water Fogger features three large 20mm misting points for the most powerful mist maker on the market.

Contains 20mm high speed ceramic discs with a Teflon coating for easy maintenance and cleaning. Anything with a brass disc will make you miserable with maintenance.

The "starter kit" comes with a transformer, a spare set of (3) 20mm replacement discs and the floating ring to keep it at the perfect depth.

Add our "Tuff Coat", anti corrosion coating, and double your warranty!

Learn more about our Tuff Coat here.

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