How to Build Your Own Website for Your Mushroom Business? (Free Guide)

by | Dec 15, 2021

There are so many benefits of having your own website for mushroom business. This article talks about some of the things you can do with a mushroom company website, and how to get one going.

A WordPress website is a tool that you can use to build your mushroom business. WordPress is the most widely used CMS and eCommerce platform in the world, powering around 29% of all websites on the Internet. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to create a website for your mushroom business with WordPress and give you some tips along the way.


Why choose WordPress?


The power of WordPress for your website is that it is the platform used by over 29% of all businesses online. That means that there are more software tools developed for the platform than any other website platform online. These tools or small software plugins help you get much more done with less effort with your website.

Also, now with WordPress there are several easy-to-use Web Page builders which allow you to create websites without knowing how to write the programing code. The software does the heavy lifting and you just focus on the content.

We understand that you are busy and may not have the time to learn WordPress and design your own website. That is why we offer very affordable websites that we can design for you and host all in one very affordable package. For a onetime charge, you can get your entire site laid out, designed, and integrate your logo, text, and custom images.

Our goal with these websites is to support our clients in the growth of their businesses. It is not for profit. We simply understand as the leading supplier of substrates, grow bags, and other supplies, we have an investment in your business success.


A website is your core form of engagement online


Just remember that a website is your core way to engage with clients online. You can accept orders or just generate phone calls and interest from your website.

Websites also boost confidence and put forth a professional image for your business.

Just think of how great it will be to share a business card with a grocery store, or restaurant with your new website address on it. You can also use a website to help you connect with your ideal customers directly at locations like the local farmers’ market.

Some of our clients sell their mushrooms online and deliver them locally, or use the website to accept orders from their regular customers with a simple order form on their site. This reduced the phone tag that they normally would have to suffer through.


If you want to design your own WordPress website, here is what you will need.



  1. A Domain Name–This is normally some version of your business name, like
  2. A website host to store your files and make them available online
  3. A webpage builder–Most people use builders because they make site design, creation, and updates faster
  4. SEO Software–In order to make certain that your website is set up for great SEO results, you need to use SEO software to guide your efforts.
  5. Image Optimization Software–You want to optimize your images for appearance but also file size so your website loads faster.
  6. Website Optimization Software for speed–Google and other search engines want their customers to have a good experience. So the speed of your website impacts your visitors’ experience and their users. This means you need this software to get the best results for your website SEO and customer experience.

In addition, you need your website copy or text, basic details of your business, and Logo and photos.

It is very easy to spend $1,000 or more on that list of items. At Mushroom Media Online, because of the license deals out website designer has, we can provide all of that software legally for your website, design 5 pages for you, and even provide hosting for only $199.

So, you certainly can create a website on your own. These days it is easier than ever before. It is just costly to get it done right. We can get your site up and started on the right track, with the right software, for less than any other valid provider.



Check out this common scenario:


Before: You do not have a website now and you want one. Or you’re tired of your website being outdated and not having the features you need. You’ve tried using a WordPress theme before, but it never worked for you!


After: Imagine having a site that is completely responsive, mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, and has all the features you need to promote your mushroom business online. The team at Mushroom Websites have designed templates that are built specifically for mushroom growers so they can focus on growing their business instead of worrying about creating an attractive website.

But remember you are not buying a website template, you are getting the support for a built 5 page website complete with licensed software. All for less than the cost of the software alone.


It’s time to stop worrying about what happens when people come across your website–or even worse – when they don’t find it at all! With Mushroom Websites’ powerful marketing tools, users can create engaging content that attracts customers like moths to a flame with our beautiful themes and intuitive interface.


If you want help with your own Mushroom Business Website, we can help. Just visit this page and use the drop-down menu to choose your package. Our number one package is the all in one $199 package that includes one year of free web hosting.

All you need to provide is the domain name, and we can even help you set that up after you purchase it from GoDaddy, Namecheap, or Google.


What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the study and method of providing the signals for search engines about your website content, and the niche focus of your website. The SEO methods you should use are those that help Google understand your content, and assist your website visitor.

All of your website content should be written for your ideal customers, or visitors first, then prepared with SEO in mind. A large part of what helps your website rank well for certain keywords or phrases is how visitors react to your website content when they find it. So, the more helpful and informative the content, the better your website should rank.

I call this providing content with context, and it is how you write and present your website content via SEO copywriting.

How does mushroom media online offer this service so cheaply?

Our own website designer will do up to two sites a week for clients. As a company, we provide the substantial website design and service discount as a way to help grow mushroom businesses.

It is an investment in your business from Mushroom Media Online. That is the only way we can provide a top-notch designer with the proper experience at these prices.

Yes, you can hire a freelancer from Fiverr or other types of sites for close to this price, but they can not afford to also provide the licensed software,

Given the value of the software and hosting alone, our service is worth well over $2,000. We want to help new mushroom businesses grow to our company owner. It just is good business. 

Order your website before we are forced to raise the prices, or the waiting list gets too long. Another thing keeping our price down is the lack of advertising for this service. But that too will change in 2022.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is an independant number of your websites authority within any niche. Think of it as a score of your online reputation.

Most websites begin with the Domain Authority of 1 and spend years working to increase their DA to over 20. Our service takes advantage of the backlink building skill of our team and boosts your score to over 50. Something that would normally take years done organically.

This helps your business online reputation and positively influences your websites ranking.

Rank Math Pro
Oxygen Builder is Included

That is a total value of $447 that is free with your website design and hosting package.

That is just the start of the savings all together you save thousands over what other companies charge for the design, hosting, and software.

I know it may sound crazy, but we are investing in your business by offering this great deal for you. We include these software tools for your website so that the website will be easy to work with, fast, and provide a great experience for your visitors.

We also include business website hosting for one year. That is normally a $99 charge, and it is free for the first 12 months. There are no strings attached. You can move your website whenever you want to because you control your own domain name. If you need help to transfer the files, we can even provide support for a low cost one time fee to transfer.

What is even more valuable is the site security we provide. We include Virusdie and connect it to your website. This software helps prevent hacking, and other threats to your website, and the webhost.

This service is free as long as you host with us. The normal fee for this service is $15 a month. So that is an additional $180 yearly value that is included.

So all together so far, if you are keeping track of the money savings, the value is $756, including webhosting. That is, before any design work on the website.

Web Design Alone is at least $50hr from reputable web designers. Even at only 1hr per page, your 5 page website is worth $250 in design time alone.

As the host we do even more for your website. In addition to the VirusDie service and monitoring we provide monthly backups, website plugin updates, and security patches. These services are normally $25 a month for clients. Another $300 yearly value.

So, that my friends how you could easily pay well over a $2,000 for what we charge only $199 for limited time.

Warning this price will increase in 2022. It simply has to given all we provide and the increasing rates on hosting and software. But get your website now for less.

Do the math yourself you are saving over $1,000 with this offer even at some of the lowest pricing online.