You have found the largest mushroom growing kits online!


Yes, you did it!


These giant kits are at least 11 pounds and will grow many pounds of mushrooms for you and the family to enjoy.


When you get these kits, you just cut some modest holes for added airflow and use a spray bottle to spray them down daily with water.


Of the 6 varieties of mushrooms available in these amazing kits, try to order the one you enjoy eating most. The reason for that is these monstrous kits will yield a ton of mushrooms (not literally a ton).


Right now like never before we are in a time of food scarcity. Especially gourmet foods like mushrooms. With these kits, you can have fresh gourmet mushrooms for your family year-round.


Most growers experience at least 3 harvests from each giant grow block. If you want, you can spore print the mushrooms to grow more, or simply order a new kit when you are ready for more great mushrooms.


These mushroom grow kits are made by one of the Nations’s top growers only for Uniquely Greener and Mushroom Media Online. Yes, you heard us right, you can only purchase these giant mushroom grow kits here.


It does not matter if you want to grow Oyster Mushrooms, Black Pearl, Lion’s Mane, Chestnut, Shiitake, or Blue Oyster. We have them all ready to ship. These are shipped two-day air shipping at a high cost to get these to you in perfect ready to grow condition.


Other companies sell cute little test kits or even nice kits for kids to learn with. Our kits are designed to feed a family or two.


So if you are in the market for the Internet’s Biggest Mushroom Growing Kit, then you have hit the jackpot. If not contact us and let us know what smaller size, you might be interested in. We would love to hear from you.