Mushroom Substrates and Supplements

The importance of mushroom substrates & supplements

In the Mushroom Growing Business, or Mushroom Farming, a great deal of factors need to work together to assure the best mushrooms. Mushroom substrates and supplements provide the foundation for your mushrooms to grow on, and proper nutrition for your mushrooms.

Some new mushroom farmers tend to lean to trying the cheapest substrates they can find. This may grow mushrooms but it tends to lead to much smaller yields, and lower quality mushrooms.

Just like with humans, good nutrition makes optimum growth, and a healthy appearance a more certain outcome. Just like great soil for your plants when you are growing vegetables, great substrates and supplements have a positive impact on your crop.

In gourmet mushroom growing, the most popular substrate for many varieties or species is our Fast Fruiting Mix. It is an ideal combination of oak, and soy hulls that creates what others refer to as the Master’s Mix. It provides perfect nutrition for Oyster mushrooms, which are the most popular variety of gourmet mushroom for sale in the United States. Oyster mushrooms are thought to have a delicate and savory flavor with the hints of complexity that consumers enjoy. They are a powerful draw for the local farm to table movement.

As gourmet mushrooms go, there are also many other varieties you can offer your local market. Just remember that the nutrition you provide for your mushrooms will impact their appearance, taste, and even their nutritional benefits for your paying customers.

As a successful mushroom farmer, you will find sales much easier when your mushrooms look very healthy, and they taste amazing because they have had the optimal nutrition throughout their growing phase.

Proper substrates and supplements make a real difference. On this page, you will find links to our many products that can help you grow your business.