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Storing your Wheat Bran.

Wheat bran can be transferred into airtight containers and stored up to 30 days without refrigeration. It is ideal however to store your bran in containers then in your refrigerator. The reason for this is you want to assure two things.

The Wheat Bran does not get attacked by any bugs or other pests. Bugs love grains. Just like it is very nutritious for us bugs love it for the same reason. Many mushroom growers transfer their grain into mason jars once they receive their order. Keeping any unused portion sealed in an airtight container.

Secondly, you do not want the grains to go rancid. For mushroom growers limiting the chance of contamination is also critical. The reason you have chosen grains to work with is that other things love to grow in your grain. The key is keeping them safe until you are ready to use them. If ordering in bulk you should have a storage plan in place when you make your purchase. That way you are ready when your shipment arrives.

40 Pound Diamond M Amish-made BBQ Pellet Variety Pack (Select 3 20-Pound Bags)

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Get these great Amish-made BBQ pellets delivered to your door. These pellets work in any pellet grill/smoker.

Diamond M Mix BBQ Pellet 20# Sampler Pack (3 20-pound bags)

Choose 3 20# bags of our BBQ Pellets, including the following varieties:

  • Hickory Blend (40% Hickory/60% Red Oak)
  • Cherry Blend (40% Cherry/60% Red Oak)
  • Maple Blend (40% Maple/60% Red Oak)
  • Apple Blend (40% Apple/60% Red Oak)
  • Mesquite Blend (40% Mesquite/60% Red Oak)

Diamond M Pellets are produced in an Amish Community in rural southern Iowa using off-grid energy. This small manufacturing facility is designed specifically to produce the finest small batch barbecue grilling pellets available. The customized equipment pre-blends the wood fibers before pelletizing to ensure a consistent full-flavored pellet.
Diamond M's feedstock is chemically free kiln-dried 100% natural hardwood. No chemical binders are used to produce the pellets. The finished product is a cleaner burning, eco-friendly pellet that is a great alternative to other barbecue fuels.

Diamond M is committed to having a responsible healthy, eco-friendly pellet of exceptional quality. Diamond M takes great measures to provide an original flavor to enhance your grilling experience.

Mission Statement: Providing Premium Grilling Products in a Unique, Eco Friendly and Honorable way, enhancing every Grilling Experience.

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