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Storing your Wheat Bran.

Wheat bran can be transferred into airtight containers and stored up to 30 days without refrigeration. It is ideal however to store your bran in containers then in your refrigerator. The reason for this is you want to assure two things.

The Wheat Bran does not get attacked by any bugs or other pests. Bugs love grains. Just like it is very nutritious for us bugs love it for the same reason. Many mushroom growers transfer their grain into mason jars once they receive their order. Keeping any unused portion sealed in an airtight container.

Secondly, you do not want the grains to go rancid. For mushroom growers limiting the chance of contamination is also critical. The reason you have chosen grains to work with is that other things love to grow in your grain. The key is keeping them safe until you are ready to use them. If ordering in bulk you should have a storage plan in place when you make your purchase. That way you are ready when your shipment arrives.

WordPress ADA

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Purchase the best solution for ADA compliance for your website.

When you purchase from, or You receive a 50% discount off of the regular price!

WordPress ADA can provide all of these amazing features to your website instantly with just a few simple lines of code.

Their advanced servers and software do the rest of the heavy lifting. Providing 24/7 -365 support for your website visitors for an entire year.

Our Software

We provide you with custom code you or your web designer can put into the footer of your website. This special code links your website to all of the automated accessibility features.

In addition, we can install the code for you and make the entire process simple and easy. This is a free option for customers who already have website service with us.

TTS - Text To Speech

Our text to speech interface helps website visitors connect their TTS reader to your site. This means your site can be read to them by the software they already have. Our technology just makes it easier to use.


The display feature allows you to access the content via different colored views. This means your visitors who may face visual challenges will be able to see the content and navigate your site better.


Magnification is something that can help many users. Our interface makes it easy and magnifies the text and images in a way that is improved over the normal screen magnification.


Imagine your website visitors being able to choose the text spacing that is best for them, on every page of your site. This software makes that happen.


Make your web links highlighted and very easy to find. No more will a visitor have to search for links. They will appear in bold and in color.


Some people find that changing the size of their web cursor is helpful. This lets them change this on-demand as needed.


Sometimes fonts may look great but not be easy to read for every visitor never worry about this again. Our software will allow your website visitor to change the font (just for their view) on demand.


Using headlines helps individuals find what they are looking for faster, and with less effort. If you sell anything online that is very helpful.


Our professionally written accessibility policy is available for your site as well. This may help you by providing additional proof of your company’s efforts to comply with the ADA requirements.

Protect Yourself Legally

Finally, a cost-effective affordable way to protect your website and your business from costly legal action. The legal actions and lawsuits have started flying for ADA compliance issues on websites. The ADA is the law and it became law in 1990. Since then many lawsuits have been filed and even class-action suits have been brought against websites and the companies and groups that own them.

Get the protection you need with our simple solution that is done for you. Our software ads the functionality to your WordPress website with just a simple line of code. This connects your website to our servers for seamless 24/7 support for your website visitors.

It ads instant ADA compliance to any website with ease. You can install it yourself or simply grant one-time access to one of our web engineers to install the code for you. They will install 1 free plugin and a line of code. Then our powerful system takes over and instantly ads the functions to any WordPress website.

We are often able to process new orders with access to your server in less than 48 hours. If you are headed into court and need rush service please contact us via email for instant installation (based on availability).

But please do not wait until you get your legal notice. By then it may be too late.

This service is one that you want in place now, not only because it is the right thing to do, but also for the legal protection.

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