Our mushroom kits come in 6 varieties and are professionally prepared by a commercial grower. This means all of the most difficult tasks have been completed by a professional.

So you get amazing mushrooms for every flush.

If you were growing mushrooms yourself from the start, you would spend weeks of effort to get them ready for the fruiting stage.

Most mushroom farmers or growers even use small labs to prepare their mushrooms. These take knowledge, time and equipment.

Save that time and effort, not to mention expense and grow from our fully colonized grow blocks.

These are the same high quality grow blocks that our grower uses to supply local 4 star restaurants, grocery stores, and for sales to his clients.

Each kit is priced to include the costly shipping and to save you a great deal of time and effort.

Do not trust your hard-earned money to other kits on the market that have been sitting in a cardboard box on a shelf for weeks or months. These high-quality kits come right out of the production process and are fresh. This should mean higher yields and healthier mushrooms for you.

Order your mushroom kit today to get the very best fresh mushrooms from your own mushroom farm.

Available varieties in stock are. Oyster Mushrooms, Chestnut, Blue Oyster, Lion’s Mane, Shiitake, and Black Pearl King Mushrooms.

FAQ - How do we use your kits?

Here is an example from our Shiitake Mushroom Kit:

Here are some easy follow directions in obtaining your first crop of
• Check the date on the filter patch on the bag of your Shiitake

• The block is ready to begin producing mushrooms 40-60 days
after the date listed.

• To initiate fruiting- give the block a gentle but firm smack on all
sides of the block, this is the
same as a tree falling to the ground in nature which signals the
mushrooms to form to spread
their spores.

• Place Shiitake block in a clean area in your refrigerator for 3-5
days, the cold shock imitates
natures as winter begins approaching and temperatures drop the
mushrooms are signaled to

fruit to spread their spores once again.

• Remove Shiitake block from your refrigerator and place it on a
sturdy water safe dish, a
dinner plate or bigger dish can be used.

• Take your humidity tent (included) and use your mister (not
included) to mist the inside of your
humidity tent thoroughly, as well as your Shiitake Block.

• place humidity tent over the block loosely so none of the walls of
the humidity tent come into
contact with your Shiitake block.

• Place the kit in an area that receives indirect lighting and a good
amount of traffic,
preferably a kitchen counter, table or desk in a room.

• Mist the inside of your humidity tent 2-4 times a day.

• Lightly Mist your Shiitake block 2 times a day.

• Mushrooms will begin forming within 7-10 days.

• Discontinue misting your Shiitake block directly.

• Continue misting the inside of your tent to maintain a steady
humid environment.
Next, it is harvest time! It is just that easy.

FAQ - How many pounds of mushrooms can I expect to grow?

The amount of yield varies but with all of these varieties if you follow the simple directions expect many pounds of fresh mushrooms. After your harvest the mushrooms you repeat the steps and should continue to obtain mushrooms at least 2 more times with most varieties. 

The first harvest is the largest but you can get a good amount during future harvest cycles as well.

FAQ - How can you afford to offer these kits so cheaply?

Since we have partnered with a large commercial grower they have scaled their business to meet the high demands of their marketplace. This means that their costs are lower than if you or I started growing mushrooms as a hobby.

While it is true that several of the varieties we carry sell for as high as $22lb for the finished mushrooms, when you buy the kit you are doing the last stage of the labor.

Another part of the process is that we are a high volume shipper with FedEx and have an agreement that allows us to ship these heavy blocks for a lower rate. We also pass these savings along to you.

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