Our Secret Sauce!


Our secret sauce to all that we do.

The secret we are happy to share with our customers and visitors is simple. It is, however, based on years of hands on experience and many thousands of orders for customers. Our business secret sauce is how hard we work to save our customers money on shipping. Many of the products we provide in bulk are heavy. They are BBQ Pellets, Wood Pellets, Soy Hulls, Wheat Bran, Grills, and many more are expensive items to ship. So over all of our years in business as BBQPelletsOnline.com and now also MushroomMediaOnline.com too, our secret has been to find the best shipping rates for our customers.

If you do not have something available locally, we can get it for you and ship it one of many ways based on your needs. We started out as just an internet seller of the LumberJack brand of BBQ Pellets. We now carry LumberJack, and several other key brands. We can ship via the bag or pallet.

Early in 2019, talking with our customers, we discovered that several of our Pellet customers were buying BBQ wood pellets in bulk to grow mushrooms. So supporting the mushroom community we established MushroomMediaOnline.com and now offer not only oak pellets that area intended for growing mushrooms (free of any added ingredients), we also offer soy hulls, wheat bran, and the Unicorn Bag brand of Mushroom grow bags. In addition, we added the full line of All American Pressure Cooker and Sterilizers for our mushroom customers.

Our focus is on doing all we can to save you money. We can offer shipping to your home, farm, or commercial location. In addition, we can ship to a local terminal or sometimes to a local retail location if they agree to accept the pallets on your behalf. We do all of this to save you money. There are other providers that you may find online but all just quote the shipping one way, and they do not care what the cost for the customer is. We consider it the cost for doing business with them. You do not have to live with that kind of lack of effort. Let us give you a quote and become your trusted resource partner.