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This quote page is not just for substrates. It is for items like Unicorn Bags, and any other pallet shipping size order.

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Delivery FAQ


How much to you charge for shipping?

Shipping is the main reason we offer this quote form. Since shipping is based on your location, type of location, and the availability of equipment at your location (forklift of other loading dock equipment).

When possible we will include two options for shipping. Shipping to your address provided, and if residential or farm a local terminal location if available.


How many bags of substrate can a 40lb bag make?

This depends on the size of the batch you innoculate.

Many who use a combination of pellet substrate, with wheat or soybean hulls, use about 5-8 pounds per batch. This creates many bags of substrate from one 40lb bag of pellets.

Since you are added water to the mix as well as any other key ingredient in your substrate for nutrients the bags of pellets can go very far. This is one of the many reasons they represent such a great value for your substrate use.


Do you use any oils or additives in making your pellets?

We do not use any additives, flavored oils, or scents in making our wood pellets. What you are buying is 100% hardwood pellets. That is why they are perfect to use to make your ideal mushroom substrate.

You do not want any chemicals added to your substrate and we manufacture with food safety in mind.


I have a large commercial operation how many pallets can your provide?

We can handle orders based on your needs to meet the demand of virtually any size order. If you need an entire trailer full of ideal pellets request a quote, or give us a call.


What is the best way to save on my order?

Due to the weight of the orders shipping costs offer the best way to save on your mushroom pellet purchase.

The more you order the lower cost per bag to ship the overall order. Also, a major difference when ordering 1/2 ton or more is if you are at a business address with a loading dock and have a forklift available.

In many cases, we may be able to ship to a local terminal near you to save you even more on your purchase. If one is available we will include that price with your quote as well.


How long does shipping normally take?

Shipping pallets typically takes 5-10 days based on the current volume of orders. All pallets must be truck shipped. 

We provide tracking information for your shipment either to your home, business, or the local terminal.


What is the size (dimensions) of a pallet of pellets?

We use four-way pallets to ease delivery and movement of pallets throughout the shipping/delivery process.

Here are the pallet dimensions:

A ½ ton pallet is 27 inches high on a 40 x 48 pallet.

A Full ton pallet is 52 inches high on 40X 48 pallet

42″x50″x52″ for 40# Bags 63.19 CU. FT.