Yes, you can save on shipping!

Mushroom Media Online Pallet

We do not offer costly flat rate shipping. Our owner takes extra time to quote shipping to you several different ways.

We take the time and effort other companies don’t to save you money. Most companies just take your order and ship out your order through the same shipping company, and method every time.

When you do not specialize in this that idea makes sense right? 

It takes less effort for the company shipping the item. But the secret is just like a plane ticket if you look you can often find better shipping rates. We invest the time and we have the experience to find the best shipping rates in the country.

If you are shipping large pallets that can mean $100 savings or more depending on many factors.

We pack each shipment with care and expertise.

Packing makes a difference. The better packed your shipment the better your pellets will be when you receive them. Precision packing on pallets matters.

We take the time and effort to make certain you get your order in the best condition possible.

All American

You can also save more money

We can often add items like unicorn bags to the same pallet to save you the shipping cost for those items. When you request your bulk quote make sure to include additional items from our site that you want to add to your order. This will help us save you as much money as possible.