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Monthly SEO Services

This service is only available for MushroomSites.com customers only.

The visuals added to this service listing are from this very site. From a new site to over 1164 keywords ranking at the top of Google.
We can do the same for your business!

With this package those whom have already had MushroomSites.com design their website can receive deep discounts on monthly SEO support.

The goal of this monthly SEO work is to focus on 3 keywords each month for your target local market.

These will be long tail keywords containing 3 or more words that related to your mushroom website, business, and local area.

Our goal is to help your website rank on the first page of Google for local search results for your target keywords. Our SEO professional literally wrote the book on SEO and has taught many others his successful methods. Now you can get this professional working on your site for pennies on the dollar.

IE: You have a mushroom farm in a local city with a website, we will help you target ranking your business in your market.

Long Tail Keyword Example: Virginia Beach Fresh Mushrooms, Fresh Mushrooms for sale in Newport News VA.

Those are just simple examples, and the formula is easy to manage.

“Promoted Keywords” + Your local market name = Your chosen long tail keyword.

With this package we will improve the ranking of 3 long tail keywords each month for your website.

We will provide quality backlinks, blog and social media promotion, and traditional on page and off page SEO efforts.
All for one very low monthly price. Pay by the month if you like or purchase several months in advance for convenience.

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