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Our soy hull pellets are crafted from freshly farmed soybeans and prepared by our trusted Amish pellet manufacturer, the same craftsmen who supply our popular hardwood oak pellets. These pellets contain no oils or fillers, ensuring purity and quality.

Designed for easy breakdown of water and standard mixing, these pellets are perfect for mushroom substrate ingredients, feed supplementation, and more. Soybean hulls are a vital nutrient source for an optimal substrate mix. While mushrooms can grow on various substrates, combining oak pellets with soybean hull pellets creates the ideal growing environment.

When making your own substrate mix, two key ingredients stand out: 100% oak sawdust and soybean hulls. Our pellets offer easier handling, mixing, and measuring compared to lose hulls. They break down just like hardwood pellets when moisture is added and mixed.

More About Soy Hulls

Common Names:

- Soybean mill feed

- Soybean mill run

- Soybean hulls

Soy Hulls are a byproduct of the soybean harvest and processing process. One of the reasons we offer soy hulls in pellet form is to make handling of this nutrient rich sustainable resource available for those who live in areas where local sourcing is not possible. Just as we make oak pellets available for those who do not have local access to good hardwoods.

Also, making soy hulls into pellets makes creating your own custom substrate mix easier and less labor intensive. If you want to reduce your time and labor costs even more, look at our Fast-Fruiting Mix, which is our take on the Master’s Mix. Fast Fruiting Mix pellets provides that ideal 50-50 mix into a single pre-made pellet. Others do not make their own pellets. Some even just weigh 2 types of pellets and dump them into a bag. Our Fast-Fruiting Mix pellets are produced so that both the oak and the soy hulls are premixed and measured before the pelletizing process even begins.

As with our 100% Oak Mushroom Media pellets, you can order soybean hull pellets individually or request a bulk order quote. During shipping, some pellets may break down slightly, resulting in a dustier product that facilitates faster breakdown upon use.

Why do mushroom farmers add soy hulls to their substrate?

Soy hulls are used in mushroom substrates as a nutrient-rich supplement. Mixed with other materials like sawdust, they provide essential nutrients, such as nitrogen, that promote mushroom growth. Soy hulls help improve the texture and water retention of the substrate, creating an optimal environment for mycelium development. This blend is particularly effective for growing oyster mushrooms and other gourmet varieties.

What is the most popular use of soy hulls in mushroom growing?

Soy Hulls are most often used as a substrate nutritional additive. Soy hulls are rich in nutrients, especially nitrogen, which enhances mycelium growth and mushroom yield. They also improve the substrate's texture and water retention.

A common use for soy hulls is in what many refer to as the Master’s mix. This is a 50%-50% mix of oak hardwood and soy hulls. It has been found to be the best substrate for varieties of gourmet mushrooms like oyster mushrooms.

Do soy hulls need to be sterilized before use?

Yes, soy hulls should be pasteurized or sterilized to eliminate contaminants and provide a clean environment for mycelium colonization.

Can soy hulls be used alone as a substrate?

While soy hulls are nutrient rich, they are best used in combination with other materials like sawdust to provide a balanced substrate for optimal mushroom growth.

What types of mushrooms benefit most from soy hull substrates?

Soy hull substrates are particularly effective for growing gourmet mushrooms such as oyster mushrooms, shiitake, and lion's mane.

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