240# of 100% ORGANIC Oat Hull Pellets

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Oat Hull pellets are a great alternative supplement for mushrooms farmers looking for Organics or something different from Soy for their cultivation.

Our Organic Oat hulls are from fresh farmed U.S. Oats. These hulls are prepared for us iby our certified supplier .

Each pellet will break down easy with water and just normal mixing. This makes them ideal for use as an ingredient in mushroom substrate, feed supplementation, and many more uses.

Organic Oat Hulls provide much needed nutrients to your ideal substrate mix. It is possible to grow mushrooms on many substrates, Oat Hull pellets work great for most species.

Nutritional Analysis:

  • 9% Protein
  • 4% Fat
  • 22% Fiber

They also break down just as the sawdust does from hardwood pellets by just adding moisture and mixing.

During shipping some pellets may break down a bit and be dustier than other varieties of pellets, but this just makes their use easier with a faster breakdown on your end.

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