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Enhance your mushroom cultivation with our premium 100% Oak Pellets. Sourced naturally and free from added chemicals or oils, these pellets are specifically designed to serve as the ideal substrate for your mushrooms. Unlike heating pellets, which may contain unknown contaminants, our oak pellets ensure a safe and optimal growing medium for your mushrooms, nurtured with love and serious effort.

Our oak pellets are perfect for supplementation and are crafted from the same high-quality wood used in our popular Fast Fruiting Pellets, which are a blend of 50% Oak and 50% Soy Hull. Oak is the preferred wood for many mushroom varieties, including Oysters, Shiitake, Pioppini, Reishi, and Lion’s Mane, all of which thrive on oak sawdust.

You can enhance your oak pellets with additional nutrients or combine them with our soy hull pellets to create your own master mix. For growers who have access to some ingredients locally but lack oak hardwood, we’ve shipped as far as Hawaii to meet their needs. (For shipments outside the contiguous 48 states, please contact us.)

Available in 10 lb, 20 lb, 40 lb, and 60 lb sizes (and more), you can start with small orders by purchasing individual bags here or request a custom quote for bulk delivery. Ensure your mushrooms grow in the best medium available with our 100% Oak Pellets.

Which varieties grow best in oak sawdust?

Oysters, Shiitake, Pioppini, Reishi, and Lion’s Mane all respond well to oak sawdust. Purchasing in pellet form helps you measure the proper quantity for your substrate.

How much water should I add to my pellets?

That depends on the variety of mushroom and your growing conditions. A good place to start is at 60% water. Or 6lbs of water for every 4lbs of oak pellets. Remember, this will change based on the mushrooms you are growing and any supplementation you add to your substrate mix.

Why is oak preferred by many mushroom growers?

Oak is ideal, since it is very dense and offers plenty of nutrition for a longer, sustained fruiting period. Depending on your mushroom variety and strain, you may want to supplement your oak with brans, or with soy hulls for nutrition. We also offer the Fast Fruiting mix which is an ideal 50/50% mix of soy hulls and oak. We make our Fast Fruiting Mix at the pelletizing stage. This means less work for the farmer, and preservation of that ideal substrate mix.

Why do you sell the oak pellets separately?

Based on customer demand. In some areas of the United States getting good hardwood is difficult. So many of our customers prefer to order these top-quality pellets direct from Mushroom Media Online. By having pellets delivered they are able to keep up with their farms’ demands without spending time trying to find local sources.

What makes your pellets unique?

Our oak pellets are food grade pellets, that are naturally sourced. Not meaning that they are for consumption, but rather that with no added oils, or chemicals they offer the safest input for your mushroom production. With other pellets you may run the risk of chemicals or oils being on and in the pellets.

Who are your customers?

We a proud to serve small local farms, commercial farms, and mushroom growing enthusiast. Our farmers and fans are from all over the USA, and we now are offering limited shipments outside of the continental United States.

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