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Organic Coco Pith
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Mushroom Growers and gardening fans. We are excited to announce that we have coco coir in stock!

A mix of ground coconut husks and shells, perfect for retaining moisture for use in some substrate mixtures (species specific).

This product is sourced sustainably, and offers tremendous value. Many growers use coir in a 1:1 ratio with vermiculite to create their own in-house substrate. You still want to pasteurize, or sterilize this substrate before use as with most products.

Coconut Coir is a premier growing medium and is the best natural alternative to peat moss with a neutral pH. Our coco peat is free from dirt, foreign material and weed seeds. We screen our washed raw material to remove dirt and larger lumps to get a superior texture and color. We preform a triple freshwater rinse to ensure low salt content. Used as a growing medium, coco peat outperforms most of the popular brands of peat and sphagnum peat. Each brick makes up to 18 gallons of ready-to-use soilless media.

OMRI Certified

Increases nutrient retention and provides essential aeration.

Expands to 5 times its packaged size.

Highly resistant to bacteria, pests, and mold.

Great for growing mushrooms and gardening.

Flushed of excess sodium

EC Levels Less Than 0.6

Ideal pH level (5.5-6.5)

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