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Fast Fruiting Pellets (aka Masters Mix) are 50% Oak and 50% Soy Hulls blended together as fibers and compressed into pellet form. This provides an ideal substrate for growing many varieties of mushrooms, while reducing labor and measurement involved in mixing sawdust and supplements together.

If you are making your own ideal substrate mix, you know there are two key ingredients. 100% Oak Sawdust and Soybean Hulls. These pellets are easier to handle, move, mix, and measure than loose hulls. They also break down with water very quickly.

As with our 100% Oak and 100% Soy Hull pellets, you can order our Fast Fruiting bags individually, or use our request a quote form for larger quantities. We have shipped these pellets to growers all over the USA and they ship well.

The power of this mix as a substrate cannot be overestimated. For many varieties of mushroom, this is the best growth medium imaginable. Also, for every operation consider the cost savings of not having to wait and mix your substrate. All you do is add water and mix, then add this to your favorite grow bag. Some of our growers have reported gains in their flushes at least double the size, and that the mushrooms appear healthier as well. This helps the growers not only grow more, but ultimately sell more as well.

The appearance of your fresh local mushroom crop does affect the price per pound you are able to sell your product for. Also, the appearance and taste will attract restaurant owners, and grocers to carry your product as well. You still have to do your work as an amazing mushroom farmer, but this does make it easier to get great results with many mushroom varieties.

If you are wondering if this will work for your variety here are a few that respond very well to this mix.

Lions Mane, Oyster Mushrooms (all varieties), Shiitake, and many more.

During shipping some pellets may break down a bit and be dustier than other varieties of pellets, but this just makes their use easier with a faster breakdown on your end.

For more helpful information on using the fast fruiting mix you can visit this page.

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