MossyCreekMushroom House Mountain Oyster Liquid Culture - 10ml

MCM-OYS-HouseMountain - 10ml
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Product Details
  • House Mountain presents as a cream-to-white oyster with consistent coloring throughout the entire cluster throughout its maturation process. The average yield is 2 lbs. for its first flush.
  • The caps on this oyster are small, but meaty, and are supported by dainty and long outstretched stems!
  • The smell of this oyster is rather sweet and has a lovely and mild taste and texture, not to mention it’s a beast of a producer and very easy to harvest!
  • Our Mossy Creek Mushrooms Original House Mountain Oyster has proven to be a broad weather strain for us, tested tried and true through our cooler East Tennessee autumn nights and grown most recently in our hottest month of August!
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