MCM King Blue Oyster Liquid Culture - 10ml

MCM-OYS-KingBlue - 10ml
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King Blue is an oyster mushroom strain with an absolutely amazing texture! Many people think this strain is a cross between a blue oyster and a king oyster mushroom, but it’s actually a cross between a Blue and Elm Oyster! Bred in-house and put through the ringer, it has been vetted and approved as MCM Original and the king of our commercial blue strains! Not only has King Blue carried over the beautiful blues from its Blue parentage, presenting as a deep navy blue in cooler temperatures and a near-baby blue with warmer temperatures, but it’s also a champ of temperatures tolerances inherited from the Elm Oyster we’ve come to love over the years. Fondly nicknamed ‘The Ugly Fungling’ by fans, King Blue grows into gorgeously large and stately clusters from rather oddly shaped pinsets that are full of character. Across the board, this cross has been praised by multiple farms as a perfect strain for commercial production. Many have commented on its clean flavor, amazing texture, and the fact that it grows in a wide range of conditions with a large yield and shelf life. Due to its wide range of popularity and praise, it has additionally been added to our Warm Weather Pack, along with the Elm Z, Wood Ear, Golden Oyster & Pathfinder.

*Liquid Culture is mycelium that has been grown in a liquid environment as opposed to growing on a solid substrate such as agar with Culture Plates. Our liquid culture is pulled fresh upon order and stored in syringes for shipment. You can use them to inoculate anything from agar plates, grains, sterilized substrates, or even make more liquid cultures of your own.

  • Each syringe comes with a choice of either 10 cc’s or 60 cc’s of liquid culture.
  • They are shipped as soon as they are pulled to ensure freshness
  • This method is great for beginners.
  • Syringes can be stored in a fridge until ready to use.
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