MossyCreekMushroom N&G Oyster Liquid Culture - 10ml

MCM-OYS-N&G - 10ml
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The N&G Oyster mushroom is a beautiful white oyster cluster. It was spawned from a mushroom found on Nana and Gramp's farm located here in Jefferson County, Tennessee in the United States of America. This mushroom has a mild mushroom flavor with a great texture. The umami flavor that they add to every dish is incredible!

First of all, this N&G liquid culture syringe is mycelium that has been grown in a liquid environment. As opposed to growing on a solid substrate such as agar with Culture Plates. The liquid culture is in syringes filled with a mix of this growing mycelium and nutritious liquid. You can use them to inoculate anything from agar plates, grains, sterilized substrates, or even make more liquid cultures of your own.

  • Each syringe comes with 10 cc’s of liquid culture.
  • Which in our experience is enough to inoculate 5 X 5 lbs bags of sterilized grain.
  • They will survive a wide range of temperatures
  • Grow vigorously
  • Great for beginners
  • After that, store any extra in the fridge until you’re ready to use it.
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