MCM Pathfinder Oyster Liquid Culture

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Pathfinder Mushroom is a Tennessee native oyster mushroom that has been cultivated here at the Mossy Creek Mushrooms lab. We have grown many generations and it just keeps getting better. The large caps grow quickly and have a nice shelf life.

First of all, this Pathfinder Oyster Mushroom liquid culture syringe is mycelium that has been grown in a liquid environment. As opposed to growing on a solid substrate such as agar with Culture Plates. The liquid culture is in syringes filled with a mix of this growing mycelium and nutritious liquid. You can use them to inoculate anything from agar plates, grains, sterilized substrates, or even make more liquid cultures of your own.

  • Each syringe comes with 10 cc’s of liquid culture.
  • Which in our experience is enough to inoculate 5 X 5 lbs bags of sterilized grain.
  • They will survive a wide range of temperatures
  • Grow vigorously
  • Great for beginners
  • After that, you can store any extra in the fridge until you’re ready to use it.
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