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Mossy Creek Mushrooms Fall Weather Bulk Spawn Multi-Pack (Free Shipping)

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Fall Weather Bulk Spawn Multi-Pack ($100)

Welcome to the Mossy Creek Mushrooms Bulk Spawn Multi-Pack where you get one of each of the 4 strains for this season. This is a total of 20 lbs. of grain spawn divided into 4 different strains.

Choose the Bulk Spawn Multi-Pack, and get these four strains at $25 a bag instead of $30:

  • BS26 Oyster
Behold, the wondrous marvel that is the BS26 Blue Oyster! A fantastical creation born from the genius amalgamation of Lambert’s 123 and Northspore’s Snow Oyster! Unlike other Blue strains – this lovely specimen boasts ELECTRIC BLUE CAPS upon maturation! Yes, you heard us right—electric blue! BS26 is perfect for farmer’s markets or anywhere else you would want a jaw-dropping splash of color! This MCM Original is a veritable eruption of chromatic brilliance that shatters all you thought you knew about fungal beauty!

  • Tribbles Hericium
Meet Tribbles! This MCM Original strain delivers an otherworldly culinary experience uniting the world of gourmet fungi with the endless spirit of exploration, comradery, and adventure! Born as a mycological marvel from the Lion’s Beard and Bear’s Head breeding programs, this Hieracium fondly earned its name from the adorable wooly creatures on Star Trek’s Enterprise voyages!
  • King Blue Oyster MCM Original
Ah-ha-ha! Quake with awe-inspired excitement before the greatness that is the King Blue MCM Original strain! Contrary to popular rumor, King Blue is NOT a mere union of blue oyster and king oyster—oh no, my friends! It’s a hybrid curated from Blue and Elm Oysters, concocted in the depths of Mossy Creek Mushrooms own laboratory, and nurtured into fruition by Andrew Reed! Vetted, tested, and approved as an MCM Original, this is the undisputed monarch of MCM blue strains!

  • Golden Oyster MCM Original
In a world inundated with monochromatic mushroom mediocrity, the Mossy Creek Mushrooms Golden Oyster is a veritable sunburst, a radiant vision that commands attention. So go ahead, add a gilded touch to your culinary creations or make your farmers’ market booth the talk of the town! The Golden Oyster Mushroom isn’t merely a choice—it’s an ascension to fungal enlightenment! Muahahaha!

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