SWM Black Pearl King Trumpet Mycelium Liquid Culture - 10ML

These Liquid Cultures generally take 1 week or so to get out the door.
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Black Oyster mushrooms are a medium to large oyster variety growing in shelf-like structures, with caps averaging 5 to 25 centimeters in diameter and a very short or non-existent stem. The caps, when young, may appear smaller and more convex, growing larger, flatter, broader, and wavier over time. The caps also display a unique black and white marbling across the surface and there are white gills underneath the cap, giving the mushrooms a meaty and firm consistency. The thick white stems are also edible, not just the caps. Black Oyster mushrooms have a slightly chewy texture and are soft with a bittersweet aroma reminiscent of anise. They also have a mild, sweet, and nutty, umami-forward flavor.

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