SWM Blue Califonia Oyster Mycelium Liquid Culture - 10ML

These Liquid Cultures generally take 1 week or so to get out the door.
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Blue Oyster mushrooms grow in large, shelf-life structures comprised of dense, overlapping clusters of individual fungi. The size and shape of the mushrooms will widely vary, depending on growing conditions and factors like humidity, CO2 levels, and sunlight. Blue Oyster mushrooms can have short, tapered stems with a flat, convex cap, averaging 2 to 30 centimeters in diameter, or the stems can be elongated with smaller caps. The surface of the mushroom’s cap is smooth, taut, and brittle, sometimes containing a slight depression in the center and displaying wavy edges. The caps also appear dark blue when young, lightening into a blue-grey shade with maturity. Underneath the cap, there are slender and vertical, white gills that extend down the stem. The mushroom’s gills contain a high spore content that will eventually be released into the air. Blue Oyster mushrooms have a spongy, dense, and slightly chewy consistency. When raw, the mushrooms bear a scent reminiscent of the seashore combined with anise and have a subtly metallic flavor. Once cooked, Blue Oyster mushrooms soften, developing a velvety, tender texture and contain a mild, earthy, and savory taste with licorice-like nuances.

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