SWM Nameko Mycelium Liquid Culture - 10ML

These Liquid Cultures generally take 1 week or so to get out the door.
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Nameko mushrooms grow in crowded clusters of small to medium-sized caps attached to slender, straight stems. Each cap averages 2 to 8 centimeters in diameter and the stems 5 to 7 centimeters in length, and the smooth, rounded caps showcase amber, chestnut brown, to orange-brown hues. The caps are also coated in natural substances that give the surface a glossy, slippery, and somewhat viscous feel. As the caps mature, their domed, curved shape will flatten and flare at the edges. Underneath the cap, there are light yellow to white gills that produce cinnamon-colored spores, and the white stems are springy, pliable, and thin. Nameko mushrooms cannot be eaten raw and must be cooked before consumption. The mushrooms release a sweet, candy-like aroma reminiscent of butterscotch and develop a firm but slippery and gelatinous mouthfeel when cooked. Nameko mushrooms have an earthy, woody, and nutty taste with sweet, subtly fruity nuances.

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