SWM Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum) Mycelium Liquid Culture - 10ML

SWM-Reishi(Ganoderma Lucidum)-10ML
These Liquid Cultures generally take 1 week or so to get out the door.
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Mush Mash No.1 combines Guided By Mushrooms’ popular dual extract tinctures into one convenient product for those who use all three. Mush Mash No.1 contains equal parts of our turkey tail, lion’s mane, and reishi mushroom tinctures.

GBM tinctures are made from 100 percent full fruiting bodies.The reishi and lion’s mane mushrooms are cultivated on our mushroom farm in Southwestern Ohio and are free of any kinds of pesticides or unnatural ingredients. The turkey tail has been cultivated on our farm, foraged from the woods of southwest Ohio, or sourced from a mushroom farm in Wisconsin.

Some of the compounds of medicinal mushrooms must be extracted using water, and others need to be extracted using alcohol. We cook the mushrooms in water at a low temperature, strain them, and then soak them in Everclear Grain Alcohol for 4-6 weeks to extract all the beneficial alcohol-soluble compounds. Water and alcohol extractions were used to make these tinctures, making them double extraction tinctures that contain both the water-soluble and the alcohol-soluble properties of turkey tail, lion’s mane, and reishi mushrooms.

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