Thor Mushroom Bagger - Build Your Own Bagger Kit (International now Available)

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Build Your Own Thor Mushroom Bagger Kit (Ships FedEx)

We provide dispensers, electronics components, and casters so you can build your own bagger.

Purchase wood and build your own hopper and frame out of plywood, 2"x"4"s and posts with our detailed plans and instructions with our component Kit to save on the Thor Bagger experience.

This kit includes the same soilids and water dispensing systems, and electronics available on the new Thor 3.0 bagger.

  1. Faster dispensing
  2. Less mess with no dust puff from dispensing
  3. More flexible dispensing with total quantity and changing ratios on-the-fly
  4. Increased reliability with custom dispensing and no low-reliability gate valves

You can get your bagging done in a fraction of the time and with much less labor (about 4-6 seconds per bag for both solids and water).

This is the newest, fully-adjustable bagger setup that allows you to make anywhere between 5# and 12.5# blocks.

Take out the most labor intensive part of your process. Reduce production time from hours to minutes.

Using the previous version of the Thor bagger, our customer demonstrates how he filled 60 10lb substrate bags in just 15 minutes. Something that would have taken at least 1-2 hours before depending on how hard he pushed himself and a partner. With Thor a single individual can do the work of several.

Checkout the Thor Mod Kit

Watch Quick Adjustment

Watch Timer Adjustment

Build your own bagger kit weighs 33 Pounds and ships in an 18x18x16 inch box

For international Shipments, we ship with no tank, we can get the kit in a 16x12x12 box. With casters that will be 28 Pounds.
Without casters it's 20lb

To save on European shipping, we would not include water vessel and casters. Those can be ordered locally at a lower cost and save on the weight. The electronics system works on 24V DC, but supports 110v and 220v. For 220v, customer would need to order a 220v power cord.

You may need to purchase a Euro Air hose kit as well.

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