Thor Mushroom Substrate Bagger Upgrade Kit

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Thor Mushroom Bagger Conversion Kit (Ships FedEx)

Take your previous version Thor bagger to the next level

Introducing The Thor Bagger Upgrade: Your Ultimate Game-Changer!

You’ve been using your Thor bagger for a while and see the benefits it has brought to your mushroom production. Experience the revolution with the Thor Bagger Upgrade.


  • Incredible Flexibility: Tailor your substrate mixes and bag sizes in real-time. Adjust, tweak, and perfect every bag and recipe with newfound ease.
  • Upgrade Your Existing Bagger: If you own the wooden Thor Bagger, this kit seamlessly brings you the cutting-edge technology of the Thor 3.0. No need to purchase a whole new bagger – simply upgrade!
  • Fast & Efficient: Get ready to blink and bag! Cut your bagging time drastically to just 4-6 seconds per bag, covering both solids and water.
  • Dust-Free & Clean: Bid adieu to messy workstations. The new dispensing feature dramatically reduces the dust puff.
  • Fully Adjustable: Depending on your needs, produce bags ranging from 5# to a whopping 12.5#.
  • Highly Reliable: Say goodbye to those finicky low-reliability gate valves. This will reduce the lifetime cost of running and maintaining your bagger with reduced downtime.


  • Time Saver: Transition from hours of labor-intensive processes to mere minutes of smooth operation.
  • Less Manpower: Significant reduction in labor means increased efficiency and reduced costs.
  • Total Flexibility of changing bag sizes on-the-fly.
  • Lower maintenance costs.

Why Settle For Less, When You Can Have The Best?

In this fast-paced world, every second counts. The Thor Bagger Upgrade is not just a product; it’s a continued investment in efficiency, precision, and reliability.

No more messy workstations. No more settling for anything less than the Thor 3.0.

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