Unicorn Bag Type XLS-T Injecion Ports - 10 Count

10″X 5″X 24″ - 3.0 Mil - 2”X 3” .2 micron Filter - Typical Block Size: 10-15 lbs
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This side-gusseted, breathable bag gives a sturdy stand-up bag after filling and a strong bottom seal. We manufacture it with equipment we designed and proprietary additives, so Unicorn Bags are pliable at any temperature as well as after sterilization. The bag opening is designed for easy sealing, and the bag’s bottom seal can withstand agitation.

  • Type: Gussetted
  • Material: 3.0 Mil Polypropylene
  • Bag Size: 10″ X 5″ X 24″
  • Filter Type: T
  • Filter Size: 2″ X 3″
  • Filter Pore Size: 0.2 microns
  • Filter Hole: Style L

This bag is identical to Bags XLS-A and XLS-B except that it has a type T filter and an injection port.

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