Fast Fruiting Mix

The fast fruiting mix can save you time and money. Our premixed pellets are custom made with 50% soy hull and 50% oak. All sourced in the USA and from fresh natural sources.

You save time weighing, measuring, and preparing your substrate. You also get what many refer to as the master’s mix. The ideal substrate for many varieties of specialty or gourmet mushrooms.

Our customers report increased yields, larger flushes during the fruiting stage, and even faster growth. It makes sense because you are giving your mushrooms what they need to grow and thrive from a nutrient and wood perspective.

Are fuel pellets HWFP safe and what is the ideal substrate for mushroom cultivation?

If you do a deep search online to learn more about mushroom cultivation you will find that one of the best substrates or media in the World to use is Sawdust.

If you decide to try sawdust the likely question then becomes “where do I get the best, safe, high-quality sawdust to grow mushrooms in?

Many people have chosen to use wood pellets for their source of sawdust as a substrate or growth media. Wood pellets are easy to use, very easy and clean to handle and provide quality results. All you need to do to make wood pellets back into great sawdust is add water and mix.

Before you jump in and just grab any old pellets on the market we would like to share with you our knowledge and experience for free. You see not all pellets are “food safe” or made with the intention of using the pellets with, or around food.

Also, most are not naturally sourced.

Did you know a major manufacturer uses used pallets for their source material for pellets?

Well, that is great for recycling but who knows what is on the wood from the pallets. If you ever worked in a warehouse, or any location dealing with pallets, and forklifts you know how many spills end up on pallets. We all know wood is porous. It literally welcomes chemicals, oils, and who knows what inside. So if that company is using pallets who knows what kinds of chemicals have absorbed into the wood during that pallets lifetime.

We are not just talking about spills of motor oil, but also chemicals of all kinds. It is very common for large drums of oils, and chemicals to be banded together and moved 4 at a time on pallets. If like me you worked in manufacturing you know that spills happen. Sometimes you have to do advanced chemical spill clean up procedures because the chemicals are so potentially harmful to the environment, or for humans. I could go on down memory lane with you here but instead, let’s talk about an all natural source of 100% wood pellets you can trust.

MushroomMediaOnline provides naturally sourced 100% hardwood pellets. Our pellets are made right here in the USA and with a manufacturing process that stays as close to nature as we can. We take entire trees bark, full log widths and all and make those into the sawdust medium that becomes your pellets. This whole log process produces the best results and the closest result to Mother Nature herself without the hassle.

You can grow mushroom on whole logs but it is hard. One of the reasons it is hard is that the mushrooms need a sterile environment to grow in large health clusters. As you can see in our guide to growing mushrooms with hardwood pellets. Part of the process is to sterilize the substrate before you inoculate it with your mushroom spores. This sterilization is helped greatly by our manufacturing process of the pellets. You see in order to take that fresh, natural whole log sawdust, and make it into pellets you have to use a powerful injection molding process. This process includes high heat and pressure and truly helps to further purify the raw sawdust for your later use.

In fact, many of our customers find out pellets break down easier and are better to work with than others.

When you want the best mushrooms you want to use whole log sourced pellets. At we are your source for the finest mushroom substrate pellets. No other natural source, whole log pellet provider can provide the quality, quality, and price that we offer.

We offer this superior substrate in 40lb bags and in 1/2 or 1-ton shipments. The more you ship, the more your save.