Unicorn Bags are now available at MushroomMediaOnline.com.

The most popular Unicorn Bag is now in stock and ready for rapid shipment. The XLS-A is the large grow bag sized perfectly for larger grow block sizes. Typical size grow blocks are 10-15 lbs. with these large bags.


The XLS-A from Unicorn Bags has a great reputation for a reason. They are made in the USA from only the finest materials. The XLS-A is the large bag that allows you to grow more. With 3 mil thickness and heat tolerance that allows you to sterilize these bags at temperature. Each XLS-A is 10″X5″X24″in size and has a 2” X 3” .5 micron filter patch. If you want more productive fruiting phases, you must use the best ingredients. That is why at MushroomMediaOnline.com we offer our Fast Fruiting Mix which are premixed 50 percent oak hardwood sawdust, and 50 percent soy hulls for your own “Master’s Mix”. You can also purchase those ingredients separately as needed from our store.

From Unicorn Bags “Unicorn Bags allow you to easily cultivate quality mushrooms at a greater volume. Our mission is simple – supply bags to the mushroom industry at the lowest price while maintaining the highest quality.”

We price these bags showing the price including free shipping. This allows you to see the actual per bag price and understand how much you can save with larger orders.


Do you only need a few bags?

Not an issue we can get them to you fast. We are able to offer 2 days shipping or smaller quantities.

If you are an established grower who wants to save money on larger orders, we have you covered. Since we work so hard to save on shipping costs, we can offer more savings on those larger sized orders. Take a look at our standard order quantities and get your order in today. These Unicorn Bags will go fast and we work hard to keep them in stock but demand is high so order now.

Why are grow bags the best way to grow mushrooms?

Grow bags allow you to use your own formula of ideal substrate but also properly sterilize, filter the air flow, and maintain moisture levels. Some varieties of mushrooms are hearty and will grow on almost anything. But when you want to grow the healthiest mushrooms, you have to give them the ideal growth environment, nutrients, temperature and humidity.

Outside of your grow bags your grow room temperature, humidity, and light and airflow are essential. Inside your substrate ingredients, airflow, moisture, and internal temperature are critical. You have to understand that proper sterilization of your substrate is critical. Our Unicorn Bags allow you to sterilize your bags in a pressure cooker or sterilizer since they tolerate the high levels of heat required.

For the best ingredients in your substrate choose MushroomMediaOnline.com we offer our own Fast Fruiting Mix of 50-50 oak sawdust and soy hulls. This Fast Fruiting Mix is ideal because it is the proven formula commonly referred to in the mushroom industry as the “Master’s Mix”. If you are looking for a reliable source for other ingredients we can help. We also offer oak pellets, soy hulls, wheat bran, and more ingredients by the bag or pallet.


A note on sterilization with the Unicorn Bags.

When you sterilize your substrate in a pressure cooker remember to have at 1 inch of water level at the bottom of the cooker. Use an insert to keep the bags above the water line. Make certain there is no contact between the water and the bags you are sterilizing. With larger pressure cookers like the 41 quart All American you may be able to add a second or third level of bags in your pressure cooker. For the 41 quart model you can sterilize up to 30 lbs. of substrate at a time safely by avoiding contact with the water and the bottom of the pressure cooking vessel.


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