Do you want to grow your mushroom business?

So how do I get to 3X my current growth?


The path is based on your unique business needs. If you need a particular substrate we provide that for you. 


  • No more frustration finding Soy Hulls
  • No more trouble with inferior hardwood pellets
  • Gone are the days when you can not find the grow bags you need
  • We even provide done for you fast fruiting mix that is that ideal 50/50 masters mix

Or you may be fine at the moment with your growth materials. But you want a hand with your markting. Again, you choose what you need.

  • Website Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Done for you Marketing Materials
  • Fliers, Brochures, Logos, more
  • We can even help you run local social media ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, or Google.
  • You can also purchase our customizable business plan 

Whatever you need to grow and scale your mushroom business we want to help you. If there is something you do not see reach out to us. We are the mushroom business professionals. You are the talented growers. It is a business model that is a true win-win. As your business grows so does ours.

Soon we will even be offering plans for growth tools. grow houses, and the things you need for your daily growth oporation as well as your marketing efforts.


When we started Mushroom Media Online we realized the need for an expanded business focus.

We started by offering the finest substrates in the industry and shipped them at the lowest costs we can afford to anywere in the greater 48. This means that if you are a grower that needs hardwood we have you covered, when you need soy hulls, or a premade fast fruiting or masters mix we have that covered as well.

As soon as we began reaching out to mushrooms farmers in the United States we got to have amazing conversations with small business owners from all over.

Most had a real passion and purpose that drives them to grow the best mushrooms and take pride in what they do. Another thing most growers had in common was a lack of hands-on marketing experience or training. So we had some great conversations with these growers and decided to also offer assitance in this area as well.

You see on our staff we already had 3 web designers, 2 graphic artists, a copywriter, and several other talented professionals. We also have years of online marketing experience. This is key for mushroom growers even if you are just starting out, or later when you are growing to scale.

As a mushroom grower you want to get your mushrooms to your customers. You want to sell to restaurants, grocery stores, and at Fresh Food Markets.

Now is the best time to grow your mushroom business. The move to buying locally sourced fresh ingrediants is huge.  But in order to sell more you have to get your products seen, and you have to be able to scale your growing opporation to stay up with the increased demand.

That is where our substrates, grow bags, and other growth tools come into the big picture.

It is easy to understand. You give your mushrooms the best substrate to grow in. then put it into the industries best grow bags, you follow in the path of success of other top growers and every pin has more mushrooms. Your yield goes up, and your source of grow media becomes stable and dependable. No more frustration with running out of supplies, or seasonal access.

If you like (optional) you can even set up auto shipping for a standing order. Do so and we provide you with a higher discount, and you have the supplies you choose shipped to your location.

Why Web Design and Marketing Services?

Because these are the skills that are the most difficult to learn traditionally. Even with a degree in marketing you are not ready for the World today. Now you have to understand not only traditional marketing methods, but also online marketing.

Online marketing is changing now every day, and often hourly. So you have to really make it a part of your life to be successful at it. You have to discover what works, practice it, then also change as the online community changes and adapt overtime.

Our team at Mushroom Media Online includes successful marketing experts that consult with other business owners, manage social media accounts, and design websites every day. If you need help with your marketing we can do the heavy lifting for you. This includes web design, and all forms of marketing services. If you need help we have the team that can provide that help, and special tools and assets in place just for Mushroom Growers and business owners.

It is an important part of what we do. Also, like all that we do the entire focus is on helping your grow and scale your business.